Umbi Gumbi is a 110-acre property in a stunning beachside location nestled in the spotted gum forest, on the far south coast of NSW Australia. It is bordered by Cuttagee beach along the eastern side of the property and Cuttagee Lake to the north. Since 1978, Umbi Gumbi has been owned and operated by the Umbi Gumbi cooperative. The property has been designated a Wildlife Refuge with a mandate to preserve this piece of coastal forest comprising spotted gums, coastal mahogany, banksia, stands of melaleuca, burrawangs and cabbage palms, and wildlife such as wallaby, possums, kangaroo, and native birdlife.


The Artist-in-Residence program at the Beach House, Umbi Gumbi, was initiated in 2018. It is open to writers, musicians and visual artists. The program builds on the property's rich cultural history. Umbi Gumbi has inspired many Australian and international writers and artists, including Dorothy Hewett, Richard Neville, Martin Sharp, John Blay, Michael Dransfield, Salman Rushdie and Brett Whiteley.

Since 2018, the Beach House has welcomed Fiona Lowry, Guy Maestri, Sally Anderson, Bruce Pascoe, Julian Meagher, Camie Lyons, Omar Musa, Koji Makino, Kurt Sorensen, Mignon Steele, Dan Kyle, Annalisa Ferraris, Sophia Hewson, Rapaport, Bromhead, Marisa Purcell, Max Lyandvert, Gina Kalabishis, Zak Tilley, Horrorshow and more.

White Brush Strokes
Artist Holding a Paintbrush
Art Piece
Purple Marble
Glass Blowing Tools
Blue Paper
Cuttagee headland
Golden hour
Red Painting and Brushes


The Beach House @ Umbi Gumbi

3639 Tathra-Bermagui Rd
Cuttagee, 2546

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